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 Example: My Creation

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Huntress Tora Tigerfrost
Huntress Tora Tigerfrost

Sagittarius Tiger
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Example: My Creation Empty
PostSubject: Example: My Creation   Example: My Creation EmptyMon Sep 27, 2010 5:44 pm

Name: (Regular name, such as Tora, or Snow): Tora

Tyro Rank: (Hunter/Huntress or Sentinel) Huntress

Appearance: Orange pelted, sleek she-wolf with black tiger stripes and glaring red eyes

Personality: Can be compassionate, but fierce and vicious in upholding her ways

Parents/Where you came from (If parents not in Cult): A full-bred wolf, she was born to the past High Priest and High Priestess before they were taken by the Upwalkers
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Example: My Creation
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